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Basic Appliance (2 clasp + 1 simple spring or labial bow clear)
Hawley Retainer (Basic type, 2 clasps + 1 labial bow, clear) 
Hawley Retainer with Closed-fitted Labial Bow (2 clasps + 1 labial bow, clear) 
Begg Retainer
Wrap Around Appliance
Invisible Retainer
Kiddy Denture
Removable Space Maintainer
Band-loop Space Maitainer 
Nance Space Maintainer 
Transpalatal Arch Space Maintainer (TPA) 
Lingual Arch Space Maintainer
Quadhelix Appliance  
Bi-helix Appliance 
Porter Appliance 
Pendulum Appliance 
Hyrax Rapid Palatal Expansion  
Casted Metal Rapid Palatal Expansion  
Hass Maxillary Expander 
Fan Type Expander
Lingual Expander
Fixed Mandibular Expander  
Basic Screw appliance (2 clasps and 1 standard expansion screw) 
2-way Sagittal Appliances (2 clasps and 2 standard expansion screws) 
3-way Sagittal Appliances 
Canine retractor 
Roberts Retractor
Multi-spring Appliance (standard: two finger springs) 
Habit Appliance / Removable Thumb Sucking Appliance/ Tongue shield 
Removable Bite Plane Appliance 
Removable Inclined Ramp Appliance 
Basic Activator Appliance (1standard labial bow + 2 clasps) 
Bionator Appliance (Standard Type) 
Twin block Appliance (exclude screw) 
Frankel Type Appliances 
Bleaching Tray 
Occlusal Splint (Hard) 
Michigan Splint 
Gelb Splint 
Night guard (Hard) 
Night guard (soft, pressure-formed) 
Soft-hard Night Guard 
Sport Guard (clear, Junior, 1 layer, 4mm--soft) 
Sport Guard (Standard, 2 layers, 2mm soft + 2mm soft) 
Sport Guard (Senior, 2 layers, 2mm soft + 4mm soft)
Sport Guard (Elite, 2mm soft + 1mm hard + 2mm soft) 
Sport Guard (Professional, 2mm soft + 1mm hard + 4mm soft)  
Hard Mandibular Advancement Anti-snoring (with Adams clasps) 
Hard Mandibular Advancement Anti-snoring (without clasps) 
Semi-rigid Guards Anti-snoring Device 
Silensor Anti-snoring Device (Soft) 
Silensor Anti-snoring Device (Hard) 
Silensor Anti-snoring Device (semi-hard, Soft-Hard) 
Cast Band 
Add Lingual/ Palatal Bar (strengthener) 
Add acrylic pad on labial bow 
Band (supplied by our dental lab) 
Additional piston screw 
Additional sectional screw 
Additional 3-way screw 
Add Icon / Decal / Name Slip 
Single-color Guard Sheet for Sportguard 
Two-color Guard Sheet for Sportguard 
Three-color Guard Sheet for Sportguard 
Four-color Guard Sheet for Sportguard 
Mixed-color Guard Sheet for Sportguard 
Add color on Orthodontic Appliance & Retainer 
Clear Aligner / Teeth Aligner 
3D Printed Resin Quadrant Model 
3D Printed Resin Full-arch Model 

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